About us

We are an innovative startup in Northern Germany that wants to support you in your work.

Every business has its unique way to success. Therefore, your IT should also be chosen as carefully as you choose your tools. Most solutions are standardized packages that always require compromises. This not only complicates your work, it also consumes unnecessary resources – those of our environment and those of your company. We remove obstacles and make sure that you can do your work without interruption. Thus, our work makes your work easier.

Technology and environmental protection rarely work together, but both are inevitable for each of us. Some things, such as the procurement of raw materials or the production conditions for end devices, we cannot change. But others we can. That’s why we communicate with you by e-mail whenever possible, print everything that needs to be printed on resource-saving Eco-Tank printers, and obtain our printed materials from a climate-neutral print shop on recycled paper; we also prefer devices that can be repaired rather than replacing them in the event of damage. This way, technology can help the environment instead of harming it. We also make regular offsetting payments to the “Plant for the Planet” organization, not only for our travel, but also for the manufacture and performance of the hardware we install.

Our Partners

Wir sind lizensierte Partner von Barracuda
Wir sind lizensierte Partner von Dell