Our service

You are founding a company or starting out with solo self-employment? There are changes in your business or you are dissatisfied with your current system? You need a backup of your data? We analyze your needs and optimize your equipment.

We are licensed partners of Dell and Barracuda – but of course we are also happy to use other hardware and software if you prefer to work with them. Feel free to contact us.

Conception and implementation

To support you in the best possible way, we need your help; you tell us what you need. You know best whether your business needs more mobile workstations or more efficient workflows, so communication is very important to us right from the start. Do you already have components in place? We will be happy to check whether it makes sense to integrate them. Together with you, we develop the concept for your company, individually and tailored to you.

The analysis is the basis on which we build. Because you decide which components you want, in the end you have the system that suits you. Of course, we take care during the setup to disrupt your workflows as little as possible and to communicate changes clearly to you and your employees. That way, transitions go smoothly.

Support and optimization

New developments at your company or in technology, legal regulations or simply everyday operations must also be reflected in your IT system. That’s why, of course, we continue to be there for you after the installation and remove obstacles that interfere with your work, if possible, by phone, if necessary, on site.

Increasing threat of cybercrime is a reality. In addition to our special attention to security in your system, we sensitize you and your employees to vulnerabilities and train you to deal with potential breaches – so your system remains secure and you can do your job with peace of mind.

Disaster recovery and data backup

There can be many reasons for data loss: technical problems such as power failures, defective hardware or operating errors that happen quickly can then paralyze the entire operation. To be able to continue working quickly, a backup of your data is necessary. The DSGVO also makes this necessary: it requires every company to keep a backup of all data in compliance with certain security measures. To do this, the data must be stored in duplicate and at a safe distance from each other, the functions must be monitored regularly, and sufficient storage space must be ensured at all times. For a single company, this is quite a lot. That’s why we’re happy to do it for you: you just keep working, and we’ll take care of your backup. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.